Analysis and handling of the ticwatch pro 2020 from Ticwatch.

In a few words

Connected watches have become powerful.Does it seem complicated to you to find your way through all the possible choices?
We tried the latest watch from Fossil: the ticwatch pro 2020.What we have learned from this model is that it is quite comfortable for santé use.

The highlights of this connected watch are :
– The featherweight
– Its health-oriented functionalities
– Its daily use
– Its sport-oriented features

Because it’s important to think twice before buying this type of product, this article will help you see things more clearly.

The ticwatch pro 2020, the right one for healthy use?

Many technological developments have taken place since the first health monitoring watches.They are now equipped with many advanced sensors.
Clearly, the ticwatch pro 2020 is one of the best possible choices.It is one of the best watches for health monitoring.

As usual, Ticwatch has installed a robust system on this watch.It’s OS Wear’s Wear OS.The various buttons and menus are easy to access, and rather well thought out.
For those whose sleep monitoring is a priority, this watch is interesting.It even sends notifications and alerts to a connected device.You will know if you are resting properly during the night, and if the quality of your sleep is regular.
The accelerometer built into the watch provides accurate information about your fitness and health.This will allow you to interpret your movements during the day.This smart watch will be able to identify gestures or actions, which will be analyzed through health applications.
It allows you to monitor your heart rate at all times, to better manage the stress of everyday life and follow its evolution over time.
For those who need to analyze their heartbeat curve, you will have to choose another watch, as this model does not have one.

A connected and practical watch

Wondering about the use of a connected watch?It is a product that is sometimes expensive, for limited use.This is precisely what the ticwatch pro 2020 test shows.
As far as everyday life is concerned, Fossil allows this model to be at the top of the rankings.It’s almost to an essential element in everyday life.
It has the best battery of the moment, with a power of 400 mAh.
The manufacturer provides 30 days of autonomy.
This model comes standard with GPS.Something that some say is superfluous, but nice.The counterpart of this option is that the range will decrease if the active GPS mode is still selected.
Next to that, it is advertised to be water-resistant.So you can safely swim with it.We haven’t tried it at sea, but under the kitchen tap, it works.
The manufacturer proposes this new original model with a round face.You can also, if you wish, choose from a large selection of multicoloured bracelets.You personalize the look and style of the watch to suit your taste.
For added security, Fossil has installed a screen protected by reinforced glass.Even if you are careful, you are never safe from a scratch or a shock to the watch.
With an intuitive touch screen, you will be able to access the various functions of the watch.It is rather heavy, 308 grams, compared to other watches.Some people will find it unpleasant in the long run.
This ticwatch pro 2020 is one of the watches connected for everyday life, thanks to the presence of the NFC.You will be able to make your purchases by pointing your watch at the payment device in the stores.
One last point about the features of this watch is the music function.The built-in player will make you appreciate this item even more.

A connected watch for sports

The connected watch offers an interesting alternative to tracking devices, which are only oriented towards sport or health.It is a product with many advantages.We explain what ticwatch pro 2020 can do for you.
With this new model, Ticwatch will interest a lot of sportsmen.Our tests have shown that it is now the best smartwatch on the market.It tracks fitness data.
It is one of the lightest of all watches available, at 308 grams.
Its battery has one of the best autonomies with 400 mAh on the battery.
The watch includes GPS support so you can track your runs.This will allow you to navigate easily, even when you are travelling.
You will not be able to read the tracking data on your watch; you will have to do this on your smartphone.A disadvantage that turns into an advantage in terms of the battery life that will be extended.
The gyroscope installed on this watch will allow you to measure movements and distances under the conditions of your sport.
Another advantage of Ticwatch watches is the presence of heart rate monitoring.
And even more, it is able to measure the number of calories burned during the day.

A nice detail on this watch is that you can listen to music.

The watch and possible applications

The best connected watches on the market run under Wear OS for OS Wear or watchOS for Apple, but there are others.This influences the number of applications that can be added, and the practical functionality that will result.These applications not only display notifications on your wrist, they can keep you entertained, track your fitness and health, and help you stay organized.
It is with the internet platform that you will be able to install the applications you need on this WatchOS smartwatch.It is one of the relatively heavy watches, weighing 308 grams.
On the battery side, with its 400 mAh, it is very powerful.This watch gives you the Ticwatchrtunity to install other applications than the default ones.
If necessary, you can answer your e-mail messages directly with your watch.
Looking for an easy way to keep track of your supermarket list, Keep is undoubtedly one of the best note-taking applications.
You can also book an Uber taxi directly from your smartwatch, check the driver’s progress and get time estimates for your journey, all from the comfort of your wrist.
In short, as you have understood, your connected watch will be able to meet many needs.

The ticwatch pro 2020 in conclusion

The ticwatch pro 2020 from Fossil is in our opinion one of the best connected watches of the moment.A watch, certainly more expensive than the competitors, but worth it.
In a few words, the reasons why it ranks among the top models:
– The featherweight
– Its health-oriented functionalities
– Its daily use
– Its sport-oriented features